Thursday, June 25, 2009

JURNE sketches by ASKEW

What's up people!! Many apologies for my recent laziness on this project.. It's been some interesting times for me but mainly for the positive. First I got caught up with work and getting my money straight, and then after deadline I just had to have some "ME" time in regards to my style while some ideas were still fresh. I have to say it's all thanks to THE EXCHANGE that certain kogs in the machine started churning again and I'm feeling very positive about that. Seeing some of my outlines painted by others really highlighted a lot of strengths and a LOT of weaknesses in my letters that I wanted to address. It's been good because it's helped me get on track with what aspects are unique in my work and allowed me to start honing them. A bit random but I recently went Vegan too LOL.. I think that's put me on some crazy positive tip..

Anyway, Here's some Jurne sketches.. I hope you like them man. I must say it could have been one of the only times I've EVER drawn J's LOL!!!! Of course my faves are the red outlined one up top (The only one I sketched freestyle with no pencil) and the white fill, blue 3D one near the bottom.Those are definitely more in the vein of things I'm doing right now with my own pieces.

Yo Serval, I've done nearly two full pages of sketches for you and ended up scrapping both hahahahaha! Your name is hard. There is a positive outcome from that though, I made some developments towards some truly KIWI things I've needed to bring to my style while working on your name.. I know it's sad but I had to rock those things in my own pieces before I gave them to someone else to paint... So anyway, I promise, soon!!!! I owe it to you for understanding French and guiding me out of trouble in Paris LOL


  1. Nice assortment! I am on my way back to a wall to finish a piece based off of a sketch you gave me. Post it soon!

  2. ZZZing! Dope Askew, Im really diggin those pieces. I've gotta rock the bottom white one for sure, Im really drawn to it because of the composition, with the big top J and the N and E as a big chunk. Definitely going to have to try out that fillin too! Thanks for the great variety, the outer space funk feel is where its at.

  3. Nice, it's nice to see that funky bit style evolving! loe the top one with a red outline.
    I'm painting this week, but i got a lot of catching up to do, so no worries. I'll probably be doing your sketch again, not too happy with the first one I posted... Paris is always trouble hahahaa

  4. thanks heaps Joe.. Jurne, really excited to see where you take these. You, Cecs and Stae blow me away with your understanding of graffiti, it's like you guys have catalogues of actual styles from specific eras etc, like catalogues to draw upon and a consistency with that. You guys treat letters like typography and keep so much cohesion in each piece.. I'm far too ADD for that and everything is just fluke or random hahahaha!

    Yo Serval, Paris is still one of the freshest Cities I reckon! Good times. I have nearly finished your page now and really happy with it!

  5. The graffiti poster movement... I get hyped by this hype everytime
    I've been on a little vaca myself, but seeing this super duty tough work has me itchin'... Good work Askew

  6. dont go to hippy on me now brother...ha-ha,
    I am really enjoying the hollowed out shapes in your pieces lately my friend! And those Jurne sketches you have done are top notch!


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