Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jurne paints Poet Sketch #2

Hey Everyone,
Its great to see that the Exchange is really jumpin off! Everyone is putting down some serious style, you all got me really motivated and grateful to be a part of this project.
Here is the 2nd Poet outline that I painted. I reworked the sketch a little, making it a hybrid of both of our styles, while keeping the movements of the letters very similar to Poet's original sketch. The stump leg of the E in my version came out kind of funny, I dont feel like it fits the rest of the piece. I debated putting white highlights or shines in the piece, but decided against it, thinking that they wouldn't add to the overall style. In hindsight, I would put some fuzzy shines on certain parts of the letters to emphasize the bulbous style they have in Poet's sketch.
Poet's treatment of the sketches that I drew for him definitely inspired this color scheme, pastels and skin tones. Shout out to Bonus, who had a dope piece underneath this.


  1. Good one bro!
    I'm going to be painting one of your sketches next.

  2. yeah, I love the fact you actually changed the sketch but kept Poet's funk to it. I feel that the exchanges are a chance to adapt somebody's style and not just execute it, this is a great example of it, good work!

  3. huh you changed it a lot, but i like this idea of a mix as well.

  4. I think it is nice how you have merged both your styles together in this piece.
    And I didnt notice at first.. But now that you say it, yes the E maybe could have kicked a little further out.. Regardless it all still works!


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