Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scotty76 rocking the stae2 outline!

Scotty76 wrote this:

yo! i hope its working right now!!
one scotty                                                                                                                       
sorry, you got to help me out, 
iam very bad on the digital stuff, 
so i will learn about this in the next 2 weeks,
please could you post it before its to old!
iam gonna get my friend over this weekend,
to explain me about blogging, 
so iam about to be ready for next week!!thx dogg


  1. fresh! Scotty for burgermeister!

  2. Blazin Blazin... I think you did each outline justice. I really like the B-Boy / Obama hook up as well. I’d like to see a better photo. I’m sure there is a lot more detail that isn’t coming across in this photo. GREAT job!

  3. Yo Scotty, Great Job on this exchange!...I like how you did all the skecthes in one..

  4. great thinking putting all the outlines on 1 wall ....good on ya scotty

  5. the funk master...fresh as ever. true b-boy style..what more can i say.

  6. Oh man... That stae2 outline you rocked came out very fresh....
    I take my hat off to the both of you!

    And I totally agree with your comments on being computer alliterate... I have been ringing my tech buddy every day trying to figure this shit out?! lol.


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