Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scotty76 outlines for Stae2

Yo Stae2 wuz up!!
Heres some stuff that i tried out, maybe you like something!?!i dont know if your up with characters, but i'll send you some of my skribblez!! one Scotty Scotch

Yo homies!! Sorry it takes a lil longer for me I am a real sucker when it comes to computer work!!
I painted this wall already last week, I hope you like it Stae2, thanks for the dope outlines I tried them all out!! This shit match damn good!! The wall is right next to the second biggest October Fest here in Germany, so it's gettin a lot of attention!! Aight ..I am ready for more exchanges, let's do it!! 
one scotty


  1. wow these are sooooo good!-honke

  2. Hah! good to see you on here my man. The phunk mastery as always!

  3. Yo Scotty!
    all these are too dope, Ill do my best to do one of these boys some justice, word!

  4. Zeah zeah... Scotty is in the building!!

  5. nice scott keeping it HIPHOP fresh as always


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