Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ready To Go..

We now have a total of 20 new members. The Exchange is becoming more of an international project with members coming from a total of 12 different countries. We will see how this round goes and possibly add more members in the Fall. A special thanks to Bates for helping to get this thing going again!

Keep it moving-


  1. the exchange soccer club. i can play defence and leftwing haha. (also cornerkicks)

  2. the ultimate of mohicans!!! thanks guys

  3. This already has been a great learning experience...and it has just begun; one thought/suggestion perhaps, is making groups, so there is less pressure to knock out 20+ sketches and pieces within the next few months?...and perhaps between the groups some inter-league play?
    Just a thought, cause as much as I am looking forward to the challenge, I would like to continue to paint as many of my own sketches without "forcing" a piece from someone to keep up
    Just a suggestion fellas

  4. I know 20 writers working together can be a bit much. I tried sorting people into groups in the beginning (2005) and it didn't work out. Some guys would not submit their sketches or paint their pieces on time. With that it kept the project from moving forward. It was too much to keep on top of people.

    In the end each person involved will at a minimum sketch 20 and paint 20. There is no real deadline for this project. We are in no rush to make outlines or paint. It should be something fun that you are motivated to do.

  5. thanks for clearing that up Joe..
    I am happy as a pig in shit about the no deadline... As I see this as one of the greatest of opportunities for us all involved to push not only our own styles through other peoples tags but to no doubt explore other style options?!
    And for myself - I want to do the best job possible sketching other peoples letters..
    So I literally spend hours on each sketch not to mention all the shit ones I do first before I find the right lines... So yeah , I have also been a bit nervous about keeping up.


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