Friday, May 22, 2009

Poet Sketches by Stae2

Whatsup Poet...
Here you go,
Following Askew's lead to add some color to the outlines
Some of the outlines Ive done already were without color or 3d's and felt funny to me, so I found a few dryed up markers and saw what I could do...
Hope you enjoy, I know you're a man of many styles, something I aspire to be as well
peace brother


  1. hammer...for sure i will rock some of this. they are dope, iam happy and glad that you put so much work into it. thanx i will return you that work with some fresh colors after i painted askews sketch.

  2. sharp!I'm really feelin the one with the hart at the bottom of the ET and crazy jagged one the whole page is fire though.

  3. nice selection!
    hard to pick 1
    why not do em all?

  4. These outlines are incredibly sick! Style king 4 sure!

  5. Were would you start??
    They are all so nice...


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