Friday, May 29, 2009

Jurne by Stae2

Whatsup Jurne!
Here you go bro, its obvious I was drawn to your letters and put in a little extra effort as someone who continues to keep me excited about grafffiti in the '09
I also had way too much time on my hands...and this is the result

I played with a variety of styles, some that I feel are closer to your comfort zone and style, some a little further out...Curious to see which you're drawn to.
As long as I have idle time Ill try to keep pumping sketches out...
Hope you enjoy!


  1. damn dude! what a style menu! radical!!

  2. Way too good....your def gona keep JURNE busy lol!!!

  3. whoaa that's a serious selection of heat!!!

  4. That is out of control!!! lol....

  5. p.s. drop a portfolio like that for me and ill paint em all!

  6. Wow. You are a style machine! These are amazing Stae.
    These are definitely going to keep me busy for a while...I gotta rock a bunch, for sure. Immediately, I want to paint the multicolored 3D one and try to stay true to the colors as much as possible. Also, I rarely do block letters or fonts, so the black block letter style will be great to rock somewheres well-trafficked.
    Im also realy drawn to the thinner, wispy styles; I dont usually paint my letters like that, so it will be a great challenge trying to rock them correctly.
    Thanks for the sketches, they are very inspiring, not only to paint but to have style in the bag like you do. I better start working on yours now!


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