Monday, May 18, 2009

Askew Outline by Stae

Here is an Askew joint I painted on the weekend...
Was alot of fun to paint, and I definetly would like to paint another 1 or 2 in the near future.
I tried to be a little loose with the interpetation, and overall Im ok with the result, but I feel I could of came harder with the background to blast the sort of mono-chromatic piece... be continued!


  1. Lookin' good guy! Letters look correct and fresh colors per usual gawd.

  2. very fresh colors and fill ins, dope

  3. dope! still bugging out seeing people do my outlines.. It's really educational because it highlights the strengths and weaknesses in a different way. I think you got it pretty accurate and the colours are really classic..

  4. Very nice... I love the little added connection
    from the back of the S you have added in.


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