Saturday, May 16, 2009

POSE sketches by ASKEW

Yo! Here's a page of Pose sketches.. must be the weekend for rocking the 'P' names, but man, how different is Pose to Poet to draw, even with 3 of the same letters!!! Hope you like these guys and I'm certain you will reinterpret them in a masterful and highly technical way!!!


  1. The bottom 2 are my faves.. very dope!

  2. looks like you pulled a page straight out of a comic book! SOOO GOOD !
    Every different style on that page holds itself.
    I particularly like the blue and yellow sketch.. The connections are another level my friend...

    I am enjoying your work heaps at the moment!
    It is funny to see what people and how people change up from their original style when given the challenge of another word... But thats what the Exchange is allll about !
    yo Askew when you find the time.. I would love you to come up with a design for me old friend...

  3. like woa!! Hot shit my man! I been running around out of the loop, but this is a killer surprise .... honestly id love to try my hand at all of them!!
    Good lookin bro!


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