Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ensoe sketch by Sirum

Hey Ensoe , I looked into your works and straight away noticed your flowing letter repetition within your style.. Like your letters are rolling along! I wanted to use this formula in my sketch for you so in some way it has a similar feel to what you already know.
To be honest , I struggled a little with the S to the O due to the fact I love to kick the letter S out to help portray its character. Because of this, either the O would sit too far away from the beginning of the word, OR would be hidden behind the S...
20 variations later I figured I could merge the two letters together, but I had to be clever about this so neither of the letters suffered or became lost. In the end I now think the S to the O
is my favourite part of the sketch and your word is also beautiful to compliment with connections and arrows!

Sorry I couldn't get this to you before the weekend.. But I really wanted to give it my all bro...
I hope you like!

- Sirum One


  1. Wow, that outline looks mean! I'm sure Ensoe will freak it.

  2. Dude...That sketch is killer!
    Thanks bro,Im feeling that S! i'm going to have fun with this for sure. The wall this weekend was off the chains to. Peep my flickr for pics soon! Thanks again g!

  3. No worries, I'm happy you like it!
    Its funny because now that I think about it, The S has these wings and a halo attached, yet the sketch has this really mean look about it..? lol ,


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