Thursday, May 7, 2009

"cakes" by honke

i really like the sketches that cecs did for askew the top one is influenced by that the bottom one is ok there are things i like about it and things i dont...the s is bad and the k swoopy bar thing is too skinny but i had fun drawing these letters


  1. On the second sketch, I think if Cakes kicks out the "S" with a bit of swing, that will tie it together.

  2. Yeah I agree.. the second one has some really mean connects too..

  3. The top sketch seems to be nice and easy to paint. The bottom is a challenge.I would like to paint it and make little corrections if you don't mind, Honke. Thanx a lot.

  4. please make the corrections! do what ever you want i am going to draw a new one for you as well..but yeah fix it up how ever you think will work better

  5. i really like the funkness on the top sketch looks like so much fun just one of the cartoon gang....

  6. The top sketch is off its tits!
    So simple.. yet so fresh!
    I totally dig this style!
    nice one.


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