Monday, May 4, 2009

CECS Sketch by HESAO

for the Cecster!
hope you like it mijo!

El intercambio!!


  1. Yes! Cant wait to see Cecs paint this.

  2. I like the boxy outside shape with the curved interiors on the Cs and the mummy head wrap bit on top of the C...dope.

  3. Hahahaha. Dude this is WILD. It's definitely going to be really difficult for me to paint this but I'll give it a shot! Thanks!

  4. Hes, I'm down with this long fluid line thing you have going on. Can you draw me one?

    Cecs, I feel that the goal is to pull as much as you need from this sketch. Since it is so loose, overlapped, and instant, I think that trying to duplicate it exactly would be the unsuccessful route to take. I'd try starting off with the base idea then experiment from there.

  5. Yeah I think that's going to be my approach. I really dig how loose and confident the lines are, I just hope that the final product on my end still does the original sketch some justice.

  6. im really happy you guys like these lines!
    for me, this started to make sence since im working a lot with latex for the fill in of my pieces, to do the whole fill in and then do the piece perfect on top, so the opaque latext textures contrast the spray glossiness, i love that shit!

    im really looking forward to you painting this style, ive been working on it for not so long and i still havent painted one i feel happy about!

    for me its mainly the concept of not wasteing lines, line reclying !

    ill definetly work on couple ones for you now joe!

  7. I was thinking you probably would need to warm up to do one of these. Like when you go do throwups and they only get real good after you've done 3-4 quickly. Looks like a lot of fun to paint! And those arrows are on point!


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