Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ok lads , I have been M.I.A for the last week.. But the ball is now rolling so here we go!
For those who don't know me? I write Sirum from Melbourne , AUSTRALIA.
Yes.. that's right ! I come from a big "f%#&ck off" island in the middle of nowhere...
But like many big City's throughout many great Countries we have a fantastic graffiti scene
here in Melbourne so I feel somewhat honoured to become a part of " THE EXCHANGE PROGRAM " and rep this fine ass county of mine!

Now... the first sketch I have finished is for Pose. I really enjoyed sketching this word as
between "Sirum" and another word I write, these letters would be if not.., some of my favorite
letters in the alphabet to work with! Plus an added bonus to finish off with an "E" because it has allowed me the opportunity to kick out the bottom extension of the letter , therefore stretching out the sketch.. I figure Pose will "hopefully" enjoy this format due to the fact I notice a similar elongated overall shape within his works. Laugh if you will..? But I like to refer to it as "racecar"
styles as more often then not, my sketches will resemble the shape of a Ferarri or something along those lines... I really enjoy graffiti that looks like its going somewhere/has direction/ travelling fast or about to attack, and for me Pose's graffiti is a classic example of this. Enjoy!


  1. Very dope bro! The E is really bugged out.

  2. Sick! Damn man, Im really looking forward to painting this one! I really like the flow of the letters and overall shape of the piece is killer! You definitely gave me alot to work with so Il try and do it justice. Unfortunately il be on the road for a while so probably cant return the favor, sketch wise for a couple weeks but Im "keen" to get this bad boy painted asap! Yeah there is alot of stuff in the sketch im really into, no sweat on the name "racecar", sincere names for your styles is something OG's from around my way put me up on way back. Plus im and old undercover comic book / sci-fi nerd so its all good im definitely into the speed and movement factor.....Ha, the only place I draw the line is sound effects!!

  3. Shiet. Nice sketch bro! Feeling the movement for sho.
    I got a jam this weekend out of town and would love to rock a sketch from you if you can get one done by then. Holler!

  4. Dope bro!!! Nice novel too LOL

  5. the sword through the heart really matches the piece nice!!! mega burner!!!

  6. looks good!,cant wait for this one....

  7. Great! im glad you like it Pose..
    I figure if I have to explain myself (style wise)
    the graff nerd in me is bound to come out sooner or later , so why not kick it off from the start! ha-ha.
    And Ensoe - Im half way through your design so I hope I get it up on the blog in time for you by tomorrow afternoon mate!

  8. killer sirry TYPICAL high level from my ANZAC brother....cant wait for this to be painted lights camera action....


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