Thursday, May 7, 2009

Honke by Stae

Yo Honkey!
Here you go...hope you enjoy
peace my man!...


  1. DAAAM stae loving these styles but the 3 top left are killer...loving the - H - on them all....

  2. Killin it! I love the wispy lines on the top left H. The bubble gum style is really dope.
    I want to see Honk rock the bottom sketch!

  3. amazing work!!
    the bottom style kills!
    all h`s are amazing damm !!

  4. I agree with you Jurne, I want to see him rock the bottom, the others are probably more in his comfort zone...lets see the route Honke goes with

  5. oh dont tempt a dog with a good time! that burner one was the first one i was going to paint...but the others are def. going to get painted as well thanks for the refreshing hip hop movements you will be seeing alot of this in my graffiti in the future..,


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