Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HOST18 Paints JURNE Sketch

Here is my painted attempt at Jurne's rap print. I didn't realize until Taboo pointed it out but I really missed the lean on the O and T that Jurne put down. I did have a great time painting this piece, this style is very similar to my old stuff that I used to do in the early 90s so it came very easy to me. With that in mind I almost treated this piece as a Revamp the 90's painting. I didnt want to add a bunch of modern techniques or effects to the piece and left it with a general patch blend with some bubbles for designs. I also decided not to put any shadows or 3ds on the piece and just rocked the "white man glow". Good looking Jurne, I hope you dig it!


  1. wow! damn fresh! i need to try a fill like this sometime......i like your terminology in your write up. keep sprayin dogg!!

  2. both the sketch and the execution are fantastic!
    Really nice location too! good lighting.
    Bold outline rocks!

  3. You filled it in, and then you outlined it!
    Looks great Host, I really dig the way you executed the sketch, with the patch blend, no extra wing dings and the caucasian double.
    I only noticed the slight change in the O and T lean after you/Taboo pointed it out; your rendition looks really good.
    I was wondering whether you would keep the piece "flat" or shade the overlapping sections with a dark color. I think it could have gone either way, and you definietly rocked the flat look with style.
    Glad to hear you had fun with it.

  4. yeah I reckon it rocks bro.. Loving it!

  5. Fresshh lemon sent fo sho homie!


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