Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stae2 sketch by Sirum

Yo Stae2, I got this sketch together for you which I had been looking forward to drawing. You have a great letter combo so I knew I would have fun sketching your word!
also I decided to move in a slightly different direction with the letter style.. I wanted to get really lose and draw some shapes that are perhaps a little unnatural to me.
Note - the 3d's with the drop shadow around them... Or are they drop shadows with with white highlights in them ?? lol! What ever you decide.. Im sure you will make the sketch look cool.


  1. wavy flavey!! looks dope sirum.

  2. Very hype.. I like the bricks coming out. Rappin' on wall street!

  3. NICE!!! This will be fun and challenging, Im getting antsy with all this fresh work!


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