Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Askew sketch by Serval

Ok this one here is for my man Askew. I've been working on this compact style a while, it's really technical because most of the lines are used on two letter shapes at the same time, plus, as with the poet outline i added a few crew names hidden in there.

I thought this would fit Askew, knowing he has a real technical understanding of style. The way I would have gone to paint is really flat with no real outline just using color diffrences, but i am really curious to see Askew use his fatcap techniques on it.. have fun bro!


  1. Yeah dude this is super slick!! Can't wait.. plus loving the sneaky SUK and TMD in there..

  2. Very fresh... note background turning into letters...

  3. yeah and i just remembered how I had originally planned the S of the SUK, which would have looked better and been more subtle, but i fucked up and forgot...
    the background bubbles are just indicators as Sirum rightly points out it's meant to blend with whatvere background shapes are using, i used bubbles to keep the focus on the outline, all other shapes would work as well...

  4. nice letters and good long connections,
    steady hand is needed....
    this one gotta be a burna!
    askew make it hot!

  5. ^yeah man! haha. "steady hand is needed...." I'm with you on that one.. will try not drink too much coffee before hand LOL


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