Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Poet painting 2 Jurne sketches

Here are 2 Jurne sketches i painted. The pieces are next to each other but i couldnt get better fotos. I couldnt help but the sketches inspire me to do kind of oldschool style, hope you like em Jurne


  1. whoooaaa that first one is the rough tough stuff!!!

  2. Holy! the first one is really classic! Love them both though. You choose such crazy colours but make them work!

  3. Wow, what can I say, you killed it Poet! Im surprised and enthused that you picked those two sketches to paint.
    Im really diggin the 3 color shifts in the outline and 3D of the 1st one.
    The thick outline and no 3D on the 2nd one is a cool decision, I think another dimension of color might have convoluted all the overlapping layers of bars. The white and the black highlights and bits in it give it a jungle feel. Tiger Style!

  4. jurne and poet
    what a brilliant mix!

  5. the colours in the second piece with the brown outline work really well!


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