Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poet painting the Serval sketch

hi everybody...finally i find the time to paint my first sketch from Serval. i had some good samples to choose from, it was not really easy, they are all good. the sketch above looked for me the biggest challenge because of the long lines,the whole movement and the lines had some difficult curves or breaks (i dont know how to describe in english), so i tryed to do it as close as possible to work Serval's sketch. it was kind of strange to follow some one others flow but i had fun to do the challenge. i also like this classical FBA touch that Serval's style has. i also add one of the charakters but i had to mention that just finishing the piece i had some problems with some kind of security guy who came up in the unoccupied building. i had to leave but i came back 20 min later and finished everything mostly with fatcap. i wish i had more time for a better, sorry when the charakter is kind of rough. thanx again to Serval and for the sponsoring of the cans.


  1. Yes! I really liked this sketch, it really had a fun movement for me and your painting of it is perfect. I really like how you kept it simple with a few fades in the fill and just worked two three second outlines to give it consistence. The hidden GFA in the outline stayed solid, props for that, the curves and proportions were not easy to hold up. The character is fun, seems a little rushed, but that gives it that little edge :)
    Thanks man!

  2. the hidden gfa in the outline gives this sketch a special note for me. i realized it a little bit after thinking and trying to understand the A at the end of the style. Why is this looking like an A???is it a A or just an element? why did it look as an element so unelegant???also the F didnt make sence at first, i was thinking: why did he put so big strukture under the E??? also naturally not so elegant like the other very elegant stuff Serval draw. i mean i know that he is very good with propornition. it took me 2 hours and hadagde to figure out that this is maybe wanted in that way and then i loved to realize that there is also an fucking G...what helped me later to understand was also this little bit of green in the sketch, if you look closely. very good

  3. Poet that is close to a 100% spot on replication of servals sketch for you....
    Funny what you said about the connection at the end.. i looked at it for a while also trying to understand it before i came to the conclusion it still looks good? And does a great job of complimenting the rest of his sketch for you.

    good work!

  4. Killed it with that color scheme, and the piece painting a piece!
    Great job Poet.


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