Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HONKE by Taboo


  1. Yo Honke. I originally had a whole “HONKE TONK MAN Intercontinental Champion” production planed for you but I got a little lazy. Although that’s still not out of the question…
    Here are 3 outlines for ya.
    Outline #1 was the 1st one I did just to get a feel for the letters.
    Outline #2 is like the 1st ones more technical cousin. I tried to go for a lean on all the letters. The arc on the whole piece just sorta happened.
    Outline #3 is a more soft style. It will prolly work well with a nice fat outline.

    Over all I like #3 the best. Looking at your work I’m sure you can knock this one out of the park.


  2. Nice work Taboo. I like the 2nd one a lot, that O is really cool.

  3. awesome work!
    3rd sketch its amaazin!

  4. hot damn! put a smile on a dogs face! all are killer cant wait to do them i think im going to go for the tech one first


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