Saturday, May 16, 2009

PHAT1 sketch by SWK

YO PHAT1 !!! I really liked to do that name, because I think a little complicated the letter P, good challenges!


  1. lovin the first sketch mijooo!

  2. THANKS SWK loving the both of them they look killer i have the perfect wall and idea for them your going to love it....and yeah the -P- is such a hard letter but the -H- hugs it good enough to make it look fly!!!! thanks once again!!!!

  3. Hey SWK - I think you did well with Phats word..
    I agree with your comment on the P to the H..
    I have done a sketch for Phat in the past and really struggled with how not to lose the top of the H behind the head of the H.
    Especially in your top sketch..

  4. sure bro! good that we can exchange this information, go with everything!


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