Thursday, May 14, 2009

ASKEW paints STAE2 outline

Hey everyone. Did this yesterday, put together the video last night and spent the day trying to upload it whilst doing other shit but it honestly wouldn't upload!! It's finally up now and there for critique, scrutiny and general feedback..

Stae2, I enjoyed painting this a lot and I tried to find some harmony between the classic NYC structure of your sketch combined with the loose astro cap approach I take.. I found some similarities in how we both approach connecting the letters of my name (perhaps just the most practical options) but there were some aspects of your sketch so removed from how I would ever think to do them. I noticed that I missed the extra arrow connection off the S below the A by mistake, likely because I didn't look back at the sketch much after the initial lines were up.

I can't take full credit for this colour scheme, Stray RTR had suggested an Autumn outline and dark earth tones for the fill to me the night before. I think the tanami and blues really set it off and having the same Sirum black red in the 3D as fill is risky but almost gives this a no outline 3D feeling..

Askew paints Stae2 Outline


  1. On point as always. Brave color scheme... it worked. Do you have a bigger photo of the piece or another angle?

  2. 100% burner, for me it has with this colorcombo a original touch, since black and white isn't a color, i count 3 colors in your piece and everybody know that it is harder to burn with less than with more.

  3. nice skeezy CANT STOP WONT STOP you the man as always bra keep them coming...

  4. Askew your a machine bro...

  5. Yo Askew...Very dope my friend, I really enjoy the Askew touch, flow, technique, colors, etc...makes me look at my work very differently
    Much respect

  6. Damn Askew, you killed it! The piece is on point and the colors are really fresh, I tried that same color in 3d as in fill but you really made it work. Dope!

  7. Thanks heaps everyone.. really appreciate the feedback..

  8. very good!!! perfect control..


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