Sunday, May 17, 2009

TABOO paints Askew's sketch

So Saturday morning I woke up all prepared to paint the 1st out line that Askew submitted for me to paint. I intended to paint it on a box truck that makes fruit deliveries throughout Brooklyn. But as I looked out the widow I saw the storm clouds on the horizon, I didn’t think I was going to paint at all. It drizzled on and off all morning, so I eventually got fed up waiting for good weather, and decided to paint a tunnel. I chose to paint the 2nd outline as my plans to paint the truck didn’t work out.

I didn’t intend to paint this outline so I didn’t really study it like I did the 1st one. After sketching the T – A, I started to get nervous that I would get lost as the shapes were so unfamiliar to me. I kept referencing the printed out sketch, even as I filled in to double check myself. Once I had the piece filled in and started to cut out the letters, it all came together. I genuinely had a good experience painting this loose style.

For the most part I stayed true to Askew’s letter forms and modified a few of the throw offs. I stretched out the 2nd O and added a throw off to match the stretched out look of the T. My favorite part of the piece is the right leg of the A kicking the B in the ass... really clever.

Over all it was a great experience. Once again I’m really glad to be apart of this project. Sorry for the crappy photo, that’s actually a silver fill with white highlights. The glare from the opening of the tunnel makes the silver look white.


  1. nice one mate you did it well...killer spot looks grimmy down duuurrr...

  2. Yo! it's still so strange for me seeing other people translate my outlines onto a wall... I reckon you did really well with it man, it was a totally weird sketch but for some reason, one I liked probably because of how unconventional the T is..

    I think in form etc it's a really accurate reinterpretation of the sketch onto the wall, the letters really look as I drew them. I think the only difference to me is the inflection in the line work which is hard to convey in a pen drawing anyway but I guess what I always tend to do is paint my pieces with a level 5 gold or astro cap, for fat and skinny lines and approach it with a brush like attitude.. I'm not sure if that makes sense but what I try to do is paint outlines on pieces the same as if you were tagging or doing a throwup to ensure fluidity and expression in a line.. Even if it doesn't follow the original sketch perfectly, because you 'felt' the line right then and there it's more correct for the moment anyway..

    all in all though dude, it's pretty bang on!!! I'm doing one of yours next btw...

  3. yeah bro you did well.. I love the fact you went with a silver fill and I didnt notice it until you said it but I believe it compliments the spot you painted so nice one!
    And I know its basic... But those little motion lines you added just give the piece so much more!
    And Askew - I will try my best to use your beloved fat caps when I paint your sketch for me bud!

  4. that tunnel is kind of long so i painted at one of the few spots that has any decent light. It is quite grimy. i left the old bike because the color matched the pink in the piece. i added a shot i took with the flash on at an angle:


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