Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jurne paints Serval sketch

Got to rock this Serval sketch finally! Took me an hour to get the sketch down to where I felt comfortable with it. I tried to preserve the original sketch as best I could...

I decided to go with a classic fade in the fill to keep it simple, emphasizing Serval's dope letters and attention to detail. I painted this over the course of three nights, because the spot I chose ended up being pitch black; I had to check the piece in the mornings and then remember what needed tweaking with the next night.

The piece wouldn't have been complete with a proper hip hop character, so my man Twigs had the idea to big up MC Hammer as a tribute to the unique and memorable style he brought to the Bay! Of course, I had to rock his quote. The jury's still out on the hollow bits in the fill, and the top of R doesn't quite have that Serval-certified funk to it, but all in all, Im happy with how it turned out.

Thanks for the dope sketch Serval, painting your style really gave me an appreciation for how exact every line is in the sketch. I got one brewin' for you in the near future...


  1. Nice man, you went the tough route by painting this real traditionaly with an explicit 3d and highlights! ( to the great despair of my man Rey I almost never use highlights) It gives the piece a much more traditional look than my (already traditional) style usually has and i'm glad you did that, it's fun to see. The only thing I could have thought to add was maybe a second outline to make it stand out but the again I like the fact the outline fades into the background! Mc Hammer is of course too legit to quit, thanks to your boy for hooking it up.
    I'm stuck not being able to paint for a while because of an injury, it's real good for my morale to have people around the globe reppin my sketches, thanks Jurne and all the others for that as well!!!

  2. Very fresh buddy. When you use the cans at night it makes it that much more legit. Cause cans are supposed to be used at night, cause hiphop is illegal. I got my sketch coming to you soon.

  3. freaks come out at night..;)

  4. Good point Serval, I outlined with Anthracite Gray against a dark purple background. I went for that glow effect with the purple fading out to a fluorescent blue, maybe I should have thrown a lighter tone of blue directly against the outline to draw it out more.
    Im glad you approve, I went the super traditional route in order to understand the process of painting this style. It was definitely a learning experience! I had a lot of fun really nerding out on being precise throughout the execution of the piece.

  5. Good choice with the fade... Such a strong legible style doesnt need to many special effects.. I am a huge fan of the classic colour way and your hollow fill techniques compliment nicely! Dont mind If I borrow that idea - ha-ha!

    Lookin good!


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