Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Host18 Paints Ensoe Sketch

Here is my painted version of Ensoe's sketch. I got to the Bird Sanctuary to rock out but as I unpacked my aerosoul cans I realized I left the sketch on my kitched table. !!, I had to pull out my Blackberry and summon the blueprint from there. Painting a sketch from the screen of a mobile phone is a crappy way to live and I got so fed up that I said "fuck this shit" and just freestyled the rest from what I understood the idea and style of the sketch to be. Now that I look at the sketch I'm pretty surprised that I got it as close as I did.
This grimey ass spot with its grimey ass walls did not like to have cans used on it, and the paint did not adhere to the wall so well so that was a bit of an annoyance as well.
Until the next episode!


  1. Nice! It looks like its about to blast off to another dimension. You got that science goin on...

  2. Word! It looks like a style hybrid. Ive never really seen my style painted by another person before! Very interesting. i like the way you re-worked the S. I hope you stayed true to hip hop and beat box'd the whole time you were painting! Doodle me sumtin' dunny!

  3. nice enviroment and effort on the computer rock!

  4. Awesome bro, I love the top heavy direction of your 3ds you have added! Nice colours...


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