Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kaput by Jurne

Yo Kaput! 2 outlines for you. The first one is supposed to play with the idea of perspective, with vanishing chunky 3Ds going in different directions. Second one is like a letter blend, with various suggest forms for each letter.


  1. jurne! what's up! i got a big smile on my face right now dude. that top piece is unreal! gonna be too much fun to paint, i hope i can do it justice. the second is fresh as well with a classic character to boot! now i can decide who's name to sketch first!! haha......i'll have something shortly for you big j.......out!!!

  2. Simple, clever, innovative, impressive!

  3. The K in the second sketch is illllllllllll.

  4. Yeah... The 3d's on the top sketch are fantastic!
    Has a real "future rock" feel to them!


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