Tuesday, May 12, 2009


FINALLY! I managed to get my first exchange outline laid down on a wall I did with my boy Guts..
It was a great sketch to work with, it reminded me of my own style, but with more of a hip hop feel to it.Almost as if I combined my style with my crew member Sueme's.  So the flow came naturally.  I also took advantage of the outline and painted it on my girl at a graffiti body art showcase last weekend. Thanks again serval, I definately learnt some new flow structure experimenting with your outline. Hope you have as much fun as I did with mine!


  1. wow,thats a different surface..first time here on the exchange!

  2. Fresh! You went the extra mile!

  3. You nailed it guy. Lookin hype.

  4. NICE!! Interesting how you extended it even more than I would have. i tend to sketch really thin and long and compact it when i paint, you went the opposite route and it work as as well. makes me realize the sketch was a little too simple and could have used some extra hooks, connects and all around funk. Also like how you added some halo effect too break the flat vector look i tend to get stuck with. The extra footage on skin is gold !
    Thanks man!
    I'll be rockin your sketch pretty soon, i'll drop you a line about that!

  5. very good xcqtion ENSOE really nice.

  6. Damn I was staring at Phat's spelling up there for ages trying to work out what xcqtion was! haha, then I realised it's txt language!

    Dude, this came out really dope. Agree, you really nailed the style on the head, I actually think to me, that was the most accurate reproduction of someone else's style so far because if I just saw that in a magazine credited as being by Serval, I wouldn't doubt it... You really channeled his B-Boy energy on this one!

  7. really impressive!
    And I am totally feeling what Askew said in the last comment...

    Plus I have really enjoyed your use of colours on this one, The subtle glow in the 3d's are fresh!


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